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Pentas was established by a group of like-minded people who yearn to advocate and educate the masses about blockchain technology.

Public advocacy has been the fundamental motivation for the Pentas team. Pentas understands how crucial it is for the community to be educated when it comes to new technology.

Pentas aspire to be the community mover, the leading catalyst that spearheads this tech revelation and revolution.

Pentas focus on bridging and highlighting culture and heritage through digital art. Blockchain technology has enabled this to be a reality.

This enables the continuity of the legacy for the next generation to appreciate the fundamentals of life, and how it can be preserved and acknowledge.

Therefore, Pentas came up with the NFT Marketplace platform as an enabler for all the creators and artists to express their talents, to spread their inner thoughts and messages via their crafts.

Further, it can be stored and protected via blockchain technology. This impetus doesn't end here, and this is only the beginning of the great start..


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